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Create powerful forms and generate qualified leads

WordPress is a CMS that allows you to create webpages and update your website. It is the most widely used online content management software in the world - be they a blog, company website, or an ecommerce website. WordPress is used by 20% of the 10 million most visited websites! If your site uses Wordpress, the Sellsy module allows you to create contact forms very easily. These forms allow you to:
  • create prospects and opportunities (with the CRM module)
  • create support tickets (with the Customer Support module)
The Wordpress form integrations also unleashes the powerful lead tracking and scoring features of Sellsy with added spam-proofing thanks to a ReCaptcha integration. Tracking: This feature allows you to track the pages viewed by your visitors. When they fill out the form, the prospect is created in Sellsy with the history of all their activity on your site. You will then know precisely what interested the visitor, which often helps to inform your sales pitch (if the prospect has visited the "Modern office chairs" page, you know what you will discuss with him/her). Scoring: From your Sellsy interface, you can define a score each lead will be assigned when they visit a particular page on your website. For example, you can give a score of 50 for your pricing page and 10 for a blog post. Thus, when the prospect fills out the form, it is created with a score attached. The highest score will indicate someone who looks like they are interested in buying, whereas the lower score will be uncertain. This then allows your salespeople to immediately identify the hottest leads. Note: the tracking and scoring functions work constantly, even after the prospect has been created in Sellsy. When a already created prospect returns to your site, their tracking and lead score are also updated.