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Revolutionizes the way B2B companies are paid.

Upflow is a tool that allows you to reduce your unpaid bills and payment delays. upflow et sellsy Take back control of your client accounts. With Upflow, systematise your recovery plans, customise your actions for each customer and involve different members of your team.
  • Reduce your payment delays and unpaid bills with a systematised and personalised recovery plan for each customer.
  • Simplify the management of your trade receivables by checking your latest receipts and customer exposures at any time.
  • Take control of your cash flow with our detailed analysis tools.
  • Provide your customers with a better payment experience with a view of their payment plan.
Upflow integrates with Sellsy in a few clicks! Easy to implement, this integration is free of charge and requires no technical skills. Information about your overdue invoices is sent directly from Sellsy to the Upflow platform. They then enter into the process of managing unpaid debts. You have real-time visibility of the risk of non-payment, and let your clients benefit from the view of the timelines put in place if necessary. Keep control of client accounts with Sellsy + Upflow integration.