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Manage all your projects efficiently

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intégration Trello Trello is a completely free online software that allows you to manage all your collaborative projects. Trello has a very simple environment with all the necessary functionalities to successfully complete your projects:
  • Conversation and commentary on your projects
  • Note-taking tool
  • Addition of a deadline for the execution of tasks
  • Publication and sharing of documents
  • Task and alert management
  • Drag & drop system to assign tasks to your collaborators
  • Update your projects in real time
  • Overview of all your current projects

Integrate Trello and Sellsy

With the Zapier and Blendr connectors, you can easily integrate your Trello account into your Sellsy account. Once you have integrated Trello and Sellsy, some actions will be automated:
  • Creating a new opportunity in your Sellsy account when a new project starts on Trello
  • Update your Sellsy contacts when a new collaborator works on an ongoing project
  • Update your opportunities when a project is completed