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Automate your customers' payments by credit card

Stripe is a popular online payment solution, especially for startups. Powerful and easy to use, Stripe is an ideal tool to accept credit card payments quickly, without the hassle generally associated with traditional banking solutions. Stripe's integration with Sellsy is advanced, with many innovative features:

Payment by card with registration

By connecting your Stripe account with Sellsy, you can conveniently send your invoices by email to your customers with a payment button. All your client has to do is enter their card details to pay your invoice. If they already use Stripe, the process is even easier. Note that the card is systematically memorised by Stripe. You then have the possibility to collect directly from your clients (with their agreement, of course).

Subscription management

Sellsy's Subscription Management function within the Invoicing Tool makes it simple for you to create subscriptions for your customers. Monthly, quarterly, annual: you choose with total freedom. With the Stripe extension, you can automate the collection of your subscriptions. As if by magic, your invoices are issued and debited automatically, without any action on your part or on the part of the client.

Payment by instalments

When you create an invoice on Sellsy, you have the option to define payment deadlines. Again, if your client has paid the first due date with Stripe, you have the option of automatically withdrawing the next ones. In a nutshell, Stripe is a real asset to improve and secure your cash flow. Integration is completely free of charge.