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Manage all your interactions with your customers

In the life of a company, there comes a time when the Excel spreadsheet is no longer enough to meet the needs of a sales team. It then becomes necessary to equip yourself with a CRM software. Salesforce is one of the best known CRM software on the market. Integrating Sellsy and Salesforce allows your employees to manage their entire sales cycle in the most optimal way, from prospecting to invoicing. With Salesforce, you can:
  • Develop personalised customer journeys to perfectly meet the needs of each prospect
  • Automate your BtoB marketing and use lead nurturing to generate more leads
  • Build personalised email campaigns
  • Automate your time-consuming tasks in the sales process to free up your time so you can focus on your core business
Sellsy then takes over to conclude the sale with the completion of the quotation. The electronic signature on the interface allows your prospect to sign faster. The transformation into invoicing is then done with a single click. To integrate Sellsy with Salesforce, simply follow the steps on Zapier.