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Launch calls directly from Sellsy in one click with our Ringover integration

Your sales representatives are often on the phone and alternate between their handset and note-taking. Dial the number, save it in your Sellsy CRM, and then report the time spent. All of this quickly becomes a breeze and saves you wasting a lot of unproductive time. Automate all of these steps to save time with a 100% cloud integration between the telephony from Ringover natively available in Sellsy CRM. This integration will allow users to:
  • Synchronise your Sellsy contacts with Ringover
  • Call back customers in 1 click directly from your Sellsy interface
  • Log the history of all calls automatically
  • Listen or replay your recorded conversations (to be activated in Ringover)
  • Listen to voice messages left by your customers from Sellsy
  • Direct access to the customer file during an incoming call