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Increase the productivity of your sales team. Start more conversations with your prospects.

Create impactful email scenarios to attract more prospects to your conversion tunnel with Implement your sales automation strategy easily:
  • Import your lead file
  • Create customised and targeted email scenarios
  • Analyse performance and adjust your message if necessary
  • Then manage your opportunities on Sellsy
Lead capture Integrate Sellsy with with the Zapier connector to detect your hot prospects and contact them at the right time. allows you to search and identify the contacts you want to prospect. But it does not integrate the CRM part! That's where Sellsy comes in. Automatically send the data collected through to create or update your contacts in Sellsy. All you have to do now is create your opportunities on Sellsy to convert them as soon as possible! Our advice: use automatic email sequences from the pipeline steps of the CRM module. It's up to you.

Install the Chrome extension

Add the Chrome extension to increase efficiency and find potential clients more quickly and send an emailing campaign in a few seconds. Connected directly to professional social networks, the extension finds you with a click, a name, an email, or a company. Browse a website and the extension will provide you with all the addresses associated with this domain name.