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Office 365

Synchronise your team's Office calendars with Sellsy

Office 365 calendar is an online calendar provided with Microsoft Office accounts, in addition to Outlook for email management. It allows you to organise your schedule. It is possible to share access to the events you create. You can send invitations directly to an email address, either internally to your company or to external collaborators. The Sellsy integration for Office 365 allows you to synchronise your calendars with Sellsy in a bidirectional way (you can edit in Sellsy or Office 365). The benefits are (amongst others):
  • Leverage Sellsy's collaborative power directly in Office 365
  • View your team's calendars in Sellsy or Office 365
  • Access the same information in real time on all your devices
Completely free of charge, Office 365 integration requires only a quick installation. Find more information on the right.