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Plan, organise, and manage all your projects

Intégration Monday is a similar solution to Asana. With more than 36,000 customers, it is one of the leading solutions in the project management software market. Simple and quick to use, you can easily facilitate work between your teams. Customise the way you manage your tasks, calendars, graphics, files, kanban, maps, or timeline, and choose the overview that best suits your team. Assign and prioritise tasks, manage deadlines. Find out who is doing what at a glance, and make sure that deadlines are met. Collaborate easily with all project members, keep track of all your exchanges in one place. Stay informed in real time of everything that is happening (progress of tasks, new files added, etc.) in a visual way.

Integrate Monday and Sellsy

Thanks to the Zapier connector, you can connect your Monday account to your Sellsy account and organise teamwork easily:
  • Creating a new opportunity in Sellsy when you start a new project on Monday
  • Your new Sellsy contacts will be automatically added to the project on your Monday account
  • Update your Sellsy opportunities when a Monday project is closed
Thanks to Sellsy, you will also be able to manage all your invoicing.