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The most complete e-commerce platform on the market

With more than 240,000 online stores, Magento offers its users a flexible and fast platform.

A feature-rich platform

Magento allows your Marketing teams to conduct surveys and newsletters, but also to create promotional offers easily. The cross/up selling option gives you the possibility to quickly set up additional sales on your e-commerce site. Magento is available in more than 80 languages and integrates a large number of currencies, which allows you to open a multi-lingual and multi-currency store to promote your brand across borders. One of the biggest strengths of this platform is the multi-shop: you can manage several e-commerce sites from the same back office. Magento has also implemented a wide range of features to manage your orders:
  • Calculation of shipping costs
  • Choice of shipping model
  • Delivery management
  • Follow-up of orders

Advanced management of your product catalogue

The solution has the necessary functionalities to allow you to control your inventory, the price of your products, the quantities, but also the implementation of your promotions in a very advanced way.

High quality templates

Magento offers you a wide catalogue of graphic themes to create a shop that reflects your image and highlights your products.

A modular solution

The solution is scalable, it is aimed at both beginners on the web with very few references and e-commerce giants referencing thousands of items.

Integrate Magento and Sellsy

Thanks to the Zapier connector, you can integrate Magento and Sellsy in a few clicks. This integration allows you to:
  • Create and update your customer files
  • Manage delivery and payment methods
Sellsy also includes an accounting component to manage your company's cash flow.