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Google Calendar

Keep your Sellsy tasks and events in sync with Google Agenda

Google Calendar is an online calendar and agenda that is automatically created for all Gmail and G Suite users. It allows you to organise your schedule and share calendar events with everyone. The power of this is that you can send invitations to any email address, be they internal to your company, or external and using a different calendar tool. The Sellsy integration for Google Calendar allows you to synchronise your calendars with Sellsy bidirectionally; meaning you can edit the event in Sellsy or in Google Calendar and the changes will be reflected in the other.
  • Harness the collaborative power of Sellsy directly in Google Calendar
  • Visualise your team calendar in Sellsy and G Suite
  • Get the same, accurate information in real time on all your devices
This integration has no extra costs. Simply setup your Google Calendar account, and the integration process should take no longer than 10 minutes.