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Set up automatic Direct Debit payments to get paid on time

GoCardless is a payment solution that allows you to set up Direct Debit payments with customers via BACS (UK) and SEPA (Europe) so that you get paid on time. This integration allows you to get all of those automatic payments set up without ever having to deal with any paperwork or online banking portals again. Note: If you already use the classic SEPA mandate on Sellsy, it is possible to import your mandates en masse into GoCardless. The GoCardless / Sellsy integration has many different features, such as:
  • Dematerialized mandate management;
  • Send a payment mandate link to your clients, who can electronically sign it without ever having to send a paper copy to their bank;
  • Issue a mandate at first-payment;
  • Link a payment received to your bank account with a GoCardless mandate, and then customer invoice
Once the mandate validated you have the opportunity thereafter to collect from your customers directly (with their agreement of course). Subscription Management The Subscription Management module of Sellsy makes it easy for you to create automatic invoices for your customers; be it monthly, quarterly, or annual. By integrating GoCardless, you can automate the payment requests for your repeating payments. As if by magic, your invoices are issued and debited automatically, without any action on your part or the client. Payment by Instalments When you create an invoice on Sellsy, you have the option of defining settlement dates. Again, if your customer has an active GoCardless mandate, you can automatically charge their account for that amount. SEPA and BACS Direct Debit with GoCardless is a real asset to improve and secure your cash flow. What's more, this integration is completely free!