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Safeguard your contacts!

Sellsy et Evernote Evernote is a popular note-taking application, but it also includes a business card scanning option in its premium version.

Store your business cards with Evernote

Do your sales people have a lot of business cards? It is often difficult to keep them all and find the ones they need. With the card scanning system, this problem is solved! As soon as your sales people receive a business card, all they have to do is scan it on Evernote. All data is automatically archived in the application, which goes even further by finding the contact in question on LinkedIn.

Integrate Evernote and Sellsy

By integrating Evernote with Sellsy using the Zapier connector, all your contacts scanned on Evernote will automatically be transferred to Sellsy. For every prospect registered on Evernote, an opportunity is automatically created on Sellsy. You will have the possibility to inform which type of lead, in which step of the pipeline it should be placed, and to add a task to call the prospect back at the right time. No opportunity is lost, each sales person is assigned to their prospect. If your prospect is not yet ready to sign, you can imagine an email automation scenario to provide him with quality content or commercial offers likely to meet his request. This will save your sales team a lot of time.