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Integrate Sellsy into more than 200 applications and automate workflows

intégrations blendr sellsy is an integration platform with connectors for more than 200 marketing, sales, and event tools. It is a flexible and powerful integration platform. If you have technical knowledge about how to map fields and transform data, you can use Blend Editor to create automated workflows between Sellsy and the other platforms you use. You don't have time to build integrations yourself?'s integration team can build them for you. Sellsy et blendr

Integration scenarios


Synchronise client data (email, name, product, etc.) from your online store to Sellsy

Marketing automation or e-mailing platform

Synchronise Sellsy prospects and clients with your marketing automation platform or messaging tool

Data enrichment 

Connect Sellsy to data platforms to automatically enrich your prospect and client information.

Technological platforms for events 

Are you organising an event? Easily add participants to your event.

On-line forms

Connect your website forms to Sellsy to automatically synchronise all new incoming prospects.

Advertising platforms

Automatically send Sellsy contact groupings to, for example, personalised Facebook ads.


Connect your VoIP with Sellsy to automatically record VoIP call data. scénarios sellsy blendr Integrate Sellsy into your favorite cloud tools and eliminate manual work by automating workflows. Do you have a specific integration scenario in mind? Inform the team.