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Attract, convert, and retain customers with the power of live chats.

Intégration Xeno et Sellsy   Xeno is a SaaS live chat solution that allows you to manage all your exchanges with your customers and prospects. Launched in 2018 by Slaask's creators, this software manages and centralises all the contact points you have with your customers and prospects (chat, FAQ, chatbot, etc.). Xeno offers you a "conversational sales" concept that is easy to install and free of charge.

Xeno, the Swiss knife for customer relations

The first feature of Xeno is, of course, the live chat. The solution allows you to track and classify your conversations according to three types of status: in progress, open, and closed. You can assign a conversation to a member of your team with a single click. A real time saver for your teams, Xeno gathers all incoming requests in the same place regardless of where they come from (email, website, etc.). The solution goes even further by indicating important information about your contact person such as name, email, language, or geographical location. The tool allows you to translate conversations into 48 languages. It also has an automatic translation function to help you understand your contact and make you communicate quickly.
  • With the live chat function, you can also:
  • Set up predefined responses
  • Transcribe a conversation and receive it in your mailbox
  • Make a video chat
  • Share your screen with your contact
There are also other additional features that are very useful for your conversations:
  • The address book: group all your contacts in a virtual address book and find at a glance all the useful information about your contacts (name, email, location, status, satisfaction, etc.)
  • Appointment scheduling: easily offer your customer or prospect an appointment by linking Xeno with Google Calendar, for example
  • The shared database: store all the necessary information so that your team is responsive to all questions from clients and prospects
  • Routing: determine teams and availability times for each member of your company
  • Statistics: follow the performance of your teams easily

Integrate Xeno with Sellsy

From your Xeno account, go to "Apps" and choose Sellsy in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) category among the available integrations. By integrating Xeno with Sellsy, you will simplify your team's work:
  • Automatically create a new opportunity and contact when you interact with a prospect
  • Update your contacts on your Sellsy account and on your Xeno account
  • Add a comment on the Sellsy file during your exchanges on Xeno